Evergreen Interactive is offering expanded services:

Free initial consultation - Programming Services: services@EvergreenInteractive.com

Custom iSeries Programming

  • Legacy iSeries and Client/Server Applications
  • Cross-Platform Communications (IBM/Windows/Linux)
  • Advanced TCP/IP Programming

Database Programming

  • DB Conversions - iSeries to Oracle, SQLServer, etc.
  • Advanced iSeries Data Implementations
  • Cross-Platform Data Transfer and Synchronization

Language Services

  • iSeries - RPGLE, CLLE, DDS
  • Client - Java, C#, VB, Python
  • Database - DDS, SQL

Web-Based Programming

  • PHP Applications
  • ASP.NET Applications
  • Web Services to Data (REST/ASP.NET)

Advanced iSeries Features

  • IBM API Programming
  • Advanced Security Services
  • Advanced DB2 Features