iSeries Report Downloader Overview

The iSeries Report Downloader is an iSeries client/server application written for TCP/IP-connected PC's running Windows.

The Downloader will allow the user to browse iSeries reports (spool files), select reports and a page range and do one of the following:


The Report Downloader will detect the applications present on your PC and present the appropriate processing options.

Client Access or other iSeries connectivity software is not required. The Report Downloader runs under native TCP/IP communications support within your PC and iSeries. PC's need only be connected to the iSeries by Ethernet , Token Ring or Internet. (TCP/IP support must be enabled on the iSeries.)

The Downloader utilizes full iSeries security. All users must provide a valid iSeries user id and password, and then may only view or process spool files to which they have authority. This feature is always active, even for Internet host iSeries'.